Friday, 28 March 2014

Voiceover News for March 2014

This month we made a Voiceover Showreel for actor Mike Scoble from Richmond, South West London and Leonor gave a 12 year old actor Voice Coaching ahead of his part in a film.

Anthony  James  Matt C and Charlotte all recorded character voiceovers for Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset.

For our UK female voice talent, Helen S recorded a voiceover for Unilever, Michelle voiced more on-hold prompts for Vauxhall Motor Insurance and Immy recorded another voiceover for Axis Communications.

Among our International Voices, Colin C recorded a voiceover for SAP and Max voiced again in Italian for ActivTrades

And for our UK male voice artists, Craig recorded another voiceover for at0800 and another for Telefonica; Taylor voiced for Motor Insurers Bureau, Andrew D voiced for BBC Bitesize, Steffan recorded a voiceover for the Fire Protection Association, John G for BMW, Alec recorded another voiceover for Interxion, Carl worked for Taurus and Neil voiced for Computing Magazine.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Our Voiceover Booth

We have recently installed new LED lighting in our voiceover booth. We had been finding that the old lights created heat as well as light.

So now it's much colder - in fact some times rather cold at first - in our voiceover booth. But it does warm up quickly enough!

The only heat source in the studio is now the voiceover artist's body...