Thursday, 19 May 2016

Should I book a Cheap Voiceover Artist?

When looking for a Voiceover artist you will need to decide on a budget - what can you afford? 

What is reasonable to pay for the voice talent themselves, a studio, editing and maybe agents fees too.

You can pay a few quid or you can pay thousands, especially if the audio is to be used online on a large corporation's website.

                             Amanda - a great voice

There are thousands of voices to choose from and the choice (like anything these days) can be mind-blowing and actually make a decision harder. 

But there is just one very important thing to bear in mind. 

This voice - your chosen voice - will be the voice of your product. 

They will be the voice of your telephone system. 

They will be the voice of your product on TV in front of millions of people.

So what does that voice say to you? What qualities does that Voiceover Artist have? And do you want those qualities associated with your product?   
                                       Craig - so easy to work with

Using the wrong voice could cost you customers and your reputation.

The most suitable voice for your project may seem a little more expensive at first, having great samples, sounding natural, and obviously appearing to have more experience.  

Even if hiring this Voiceover artist may take you over budget to begin with, you may find they are worth it and all the extra business they will help to bring your way.  

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Should I hire a cheap Voiceover?

When it comes to hiring a Voiceover Artist, how much should you spend?

Well, how long is a piece of string?

It comes down to your budget. You can find many Voiceover Artists on Fiverr for five dollars. But ask yourself: "Are they any good"? How many jobs would they have to do to scratch a living?

                                              Call a professional

We recently had a phone call from an exasperated producer who had just spent two hours trying to get a good read from a Voiceover Artist that she had hired...and could we help find someone else?

Of course. After taking all the details I asked her budget. £90: £60 for the studio and £15 per hour for the voice talent.

Well of course we couldn't help her on that budget!

Its a false economy. Any decent Voiceover Artist that you hire through an agency would have done the job in 10 minutes. But then they would have charged a lot more. 

Buy cheap. Pay Twice.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Our Voiceover Photo Shoot

It has been a few years since we last updated the pictures of the BigFish Media Voiceover team. So we thought we'd take some more:

We managed to catch photographer (and our Audio Engineer) John in action for the photoshoot of Marketing Exectutive Daniel and Ricky the actual Big Fish.

Full new (doctored) photos to follow in due course on our voiceover website, Facebook and Twitter pages...