Thursday 1 May 2014

Voiceover News April 2014

Despite me taking a week's vacation in Spain, we had an extremely busy month - and the team were worked solid.
We gave Voice Training to actress Elaine Coxall from London and child voiceover artist Ben recorded a song for Sky Sports 2.

For the UK Male voice talent, Ed recorded a voiceover for Secure IT and James G recorded a voiceover for BCam

For our International Voices, Roy recorded a German  a TV commercial for the Hobbit for transmission on the Cartoon Network, Colin C recorded another voiceover for SAP, Cameron voiced for Cisco, Robyn recorded a South African voiceover for Jabula Restaurant in Cheshire, Ruben S voiced for the Pokerstars Tournament, Michel recorded a French voiceover for Z-Frame, Mark P recorded a voiceover for Eurocamp and Lisa voiced for Axis Communications.

And finally for our UK Female Voices, Maureen recorded a voiceover for Working Voices, Jacky worked for Parago, Charley voiced for Asda and Suzanne recorded a voiceover for Eurocamp.