Friday 12 September 2014

Should I price Voiceovers by Word Count?

We often get given a word count for voiceover jobs and asked to quote to record the audio.

When the word count is around the 2,000 mark or more , this isn't an issue and would fit nicely into an hour's studio time.

But when we get asked to record 50 words or so it can often be an issue.

Voiceover artists are booked by the hour, so no matter if it's 10 words or 3, 000, we have to pay them for an hour of their time.

Don't forget that you are also paying for the value that the voiceover artist adds to your product video. The voice talent is, in effect, selling your product.

So if you make a lovely video for your product, do you really want to ruin it with an amateur voiceover which sounds like it was recorded in their kitchen on cheap equipment?