Sunday, 30 November 2014

Can I be a full-time Voiceover Artist?

We are often asked by voiceover newbies who come to us to make voiceover showreels if they should quit their job and take up being a voiceover artist as a full-time occupation.

We also get many people asking us for a job as a voiceover artist. There is no such thing as having a job as a voiceover artist, unless you mean being booked for an hour. That's a voiceover job. Voice talent are freelance professionals.

Very few people indeed are full-time voiceover artists. Even great voice talent can be part time - fitting it around childcare or their partner's job. Most voice artists combine "voiceovering" with stage or screen acting, directing, producing, broadcasting on either TV or radio, voice coaching or doing translations.

Figures out recently showed that the number of newly self-employed people is growing twice as fast as those being given jobs. As people get made redundant and can't find a conventional job, they become freelance, effectively starting their own company.

The insecure freelance life doesn't suit everybody. If being freelance and running your own business (however small) isn't for you, then neither is being a voiceover artist.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Our New Voiceover Agency Marketing Assistant

Please let me introduce a new member of the BigFish Media voiceover team. This is Daniel:

Daniel - our new Marketing Assistant - will be working alongside our Marketing Manager Zoe:

. continue to build our voiceover business. We are growing at a massive 30 per cent year on year  - and we hope to continue this into 2015 and beyond!

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