Thursday 15 January 2015

What does Voice to Picture mean?

We are often asked what the phrase "voice to picture" means.

So here goes..

We would have to record a voiceover artist “Voice to Picture” when the video is made before the voiceover has been recorded. We’d then need to record the voiceover so that the audio fits the video/pictures. This takes much longer than a wild recording without any time constraints.

So for a 3 minute wild voiceover read at a natural pace, we can record this within a standard one hour session. However if this is to fit a video, we would need to allow 2 hours, depending upon how complicated the session becomes.

Sometimes with frame changes every 5 or 10 seconds, and the voiceover needing to fit each frame, it can take a surprisingly long amount of time. And that's assuming of course that the script has not been over-written (ie it is not too long for each section!) 

But that's another story...