Wednesday 19 August 2015

Should I put client logos on my Voiceover website?

Many voiceover artists like to add the logos of their high-profile clients on their websites. And who can blame them?

It looks better than just a list of clients. And it's much more visual too. We can take in the information much quicker. But is it worth the grief?

We are sure that many logos are used without obtaining permission. And that's a risk you can take and you can just remove them if the relevant company complains. Unless they want to sue you for breach of copyright of course. But anyway you now have a contact at that company to ask permission for future use.

Some companies will refuse permission for any other website to use their logo. At all. For others you will need their permission. Often getting hold of the right department let alone the right person can be a trial.

And you will need to have worked directly for that end client rather than an agent or production company. If you haven't the "middle-man" can also refuse to let you use the logos as it was their client not yours!

Oh and if you do get permission to use their logo because you recorded voiceovers for them, you will need to renew it every year.