Thursday 28 April 2016

Should I hire an inexperienced Voiceover Artist?

Being a voiceover artist is a very specialised skill, and we find that most clients prefer to use professional voices with a proven track record.

They are very unlikely to risk their time and money on a new voice, who may take 2 or 3 times longer to read the same script.  

                                    Time is Money

Time is money and often clients are incredibly busy and can't take 3 hours of their day to just listen to a voiceover recording.      

That's not to mention the cost of the studio and engineer.

It would work out cheaper to pay an experienced professional to do a job in one hour than to pay a newbie for three hours with the cost of three hours studio time. Let alone 6 hours in the edit! 

Very few voiceover artists work full time. They may also act, direct, produce or broadcast. You don't have to work full time as a voiceover artist to be a professional - you just be experienced.