Monday 16 December 2019

A strange tale from our Voiceover Agency

Sometimes life as a voiceover agent is exciting: you never know how the day is going to turn out or what challenges and riches await.

Other days it is just bizarre.

We took a call from a guy who we will call Mark so claimed to be, let's say, Leeds. We have a chat: what's the voiceover price for a job and what's the project etc. We agree a fee and he will email me the script. He is surprised that I can deliver by tomorrow lunchtime, so I thought here's another potentially happy customer.

A few hours later there is still no email, so, after checking my spam inbox, I call him. Mark must have been on the phone because it was one of those annoying "I am busy, call back later" answerphone messages that don't allow you to leave a message. This is my first alarm bell.

A while passes and I call him back again and speak to the same guy about the voiceover he wanted (at least it sounds like the same guy) who denies being Mark. Bemused I hang up.

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