Sunday 5 April 2020

How do I deal with embarrassing sounds in a Voiceover Session?

Oh now, hand on heart and cover Fishy’s ears (do they even have ears?) we’ve all let rip and not just in a vocal way in a voiceover booth. At times our own bodies can come to play and decide to pipe up at the most inconvenient of moments. Depending on the client and the situation it can feel mortifyingly embarrassing or actually a funny story to tell down the pub. In either case, let’s go through a few scenarios so should it ever happen to you then you will be fine.

1.       Letting Rip vocally – sometimes we can open our mouths and either nothing comes out or we make a funny sound such as a squeak or a growl. What can you do about it? Nothing, our bodies and especially when we speak things honk or squawk which is why the engineer is likely to ask for a second take. Not for any other reason than to get a second take without a nose whistle.

2.       Letting Rip from the belly – drinking water, gulping for air can lead to that tell-tale gurgle drain sound. Does the mic pick it up? Yes it can do. What can you do? Nothing and it is fine, we know this happens and are happy to wait until it bubbles down again.

3.       Letting Rip from the botty – well this one for some reason is always a little harder to cover up but it does happen. There can be many approaches to it but honestly, we’ve all heard it and it is fine. Either smile and laugh it away and do a second take.

4.       Letting Rip from the bones – well maybe it is actually your ligaments. Knees click, backs creak, neck bones crunch. Yep we’ve all heard them and we know about it. Sometimes the mic won’t pick it up and sometimes they will. In any case again a second take will be asked for.

5.       Letting Rip from the room – ok now sometimes the room, chair, desk you may have in the studio makes a sound. Either from weight shifting, building work in other buildings, traffic or even rain etc. Again the engineer will take note and if necessary will ask for a second take.

Bodies pop, gurgle, bubble and snap. That is totally normal and we’ve all heard it, all seen it and we are totally ok with it. Our voiceovers are all professional and know that it is part and parcel of life so embrace it. You can always do a second take.