Tuesday 30 June 2020

Should I use a Genderless Voiceover?

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and synthetic voices, another trend has also emerged. This is the use of the Genderless Voice. We explain how a genderless voiceover can be appealing to a target audience or those consumers that already buy your products.

What is a Genderless Voiceover?

This is a voice that could be identified by the listener as either male or female. They may be male or female sounding but be of the other gender. It may be that they have a gender-neutral voice. It has become a popular choice in the past few years as the discussion about gender comes to the fore.

At the latest NYC fashion shows in 2019, around 36 transgender or gender non-conforming models were chosen.

Many people now buy fashion from both traditional gender stores so there is an increase in swapping of gender clothes so there is a steer towards having this concept cutting through many areas including audio. The Dutch have even issued a gender-neutral passport.

Why use a Genderless Voiceover?

1.       Customer base – who is your customer base? Perhaps they are a younger and more inclusive demographic that feel the need to connect with a brand on a genderless basis given the trends.
2.       Product – what demographic is your product for? Maybe you design fashion clothing that is for any gender so very democratic usage.
3.       Attraction – maybe you have a product but want to change the audience and so need to attract new market.

Having a good clear vision about your brand and products will help you regarding your voiceover choice. We have many voiceover artists at BigFish Media and many of them will be suitable for your audio campaign.