Wednesday 10 June 2020

Which is better: A human voice or an AI voice?

Each time you call out to that Alexa or Google Nest then you are likely to be met with a voice that tells you whether to take your umbrella, what time your train is or to play your selection of chillout music. (We all know it is that flow of Sail away by Enya)

However, a recent study found that human voices, that is a voice recorded from a human is still the most popular choice. Rather than hear the AI or synthetic voice, we, humans it seems prefer to hear another person. 

This is fantastic news and a choice that will make a good advertising agency a great advertising agency because we are people that still want to hear and connect with other people.

Here at BigFish Media we enjoy talking to and with our voices as well as recording, listening, hearing and editing them. We are all a little nerdy when it does come to sound but our voiceover artists are consummate professionals and hearing them talk really allows consumers connect with the words they are saying. How can they achieve this? It’s actually really easy.

1.    They are human – we vet each voice and we check that they can sight read and read in general.
2.    They are good listeners – we expect that you thought we would say they can speak properly but actually we need our voiceover actors to listen so they can take direction and understand what the concept is for the audio production they are working on.  
3.    They are good talkers – ah yes, here we go, yes, they need to talk however the client wants them to deliver the line.
4.    They are friendly – we spend a lot of intense time with our voices, going over words, repeating them over and over again and they all do that without complaint because they are professional.

So, when you need to hear a human, connecting with your consumers and the copy, then choose one of our voiceovers.