Saturday 23 May 2015

Should a Voiceover Artist go to VOX?

"Take ownership of your voiceover job and don't put yourself down" was the wise advise of renowned US voice trainer Nancy Wolfson at last weekend's Vox near Derby.

This was just one of several nuggets of useful information during this event for professional voiceovers and the industry.

Sessions on social media, negotiating rates and character voices were well attended, as was James Cridland's entertaining lecture on The Future of Radio. 

Yes, it does have one ... he reassured us! Pop-Up radio stations is the current craze.

Langley Gerrard told voiceovers not to spend too much on equipment, make sure your home studio is properly sound-proofed and is properly set up.

Agree rates before starting a job was a further tip and many vos now have an availability/booking facility on their websites.

We glammed up for the evening meal and presentation for the Vox Awards. Check us out!

BigFish Media's Andrew and Ricky with Voiceover Talents Jill K and Clare at Vox 2015

The event saw us meet up with many of the agency's voice talent, so it was good to network and catch up on wider world of the humble voiceover artist.