Wednesday 29 July 2015

Meet the BigFish Media Voiceover Team - Ricky

Meet Ricky:

Ricky is Managing Director of BigFish Media Ltd.  He set up this voiceover business in 2004.  Ricky is known, or maybe we should say his voice is known having been a newsreader and continuity announcer on Radio 2.  

Ricky spent 25 years as a radio presenter, producer and journalist, 15 of those at BBC Radio 2.  Ricky is also a voiceover artist and experienced 'Voice of God'.  What is one of those? I hear you ask... 

Have you ever been to a big awards ceremony? Or corporate event? And there has been an unseen announcer for the evening.  Well, that is a 'Voice of God'. 

When not at BigFish Media, Ricky enjoys gardening, reading and cycling.

That completes the BigFish Media team.

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