Wednesday 5 August 2015

Why do Voiceover Artists need to use Social Media?

The explosion of social media in recent years means that you as a voiceover artist can't afford to not be online.

Promoting yourself and your talents in a multi-platform world is now vitally important.

Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo and LinkedIn are just a few areas to consider, along with a website to host your CV and audio for past work. Ads on Twitter and Facebook and Podcasts are also possibilities.

Remember with Twitter, write in lively, engaging and concise language - the quirkier the better - and include links and a picture!

BigFish Media's "Aquarium" of some of our voiceovers and team

Try "Googling" yourself to see who you are and, if you have the courage, what others may think of you! You might be surprised. If good, maybe use their statements as testimonials!

Marketing is key to getting your voice heard ... literally. So a good strategy of choosing the right agency is important to maybe securing future work.

Check out the competition to see what other voiceovers are doing. Up your game by upgrading your website with relevant content, better-written and regular tweets or have a snappier voiceover showreel.

Remember, most clients will sum up your voicing talents in just five seconds! If you have to fake showreel content, don't mention real names or use commercial music.

Social media is a public platform and you run the risk of being charged for using them.

Branding yourself is crucial for your voice to stand out from the crowd. Have a unique selling point and be flexible and adapt to change in this ever-moving media world.

Above all, be authentic. Being yourself is the best business card in the business!