Friday 25 March 2016

I can do funny voices - should I become a Voiceover Artist?

We regularly get sent emails from people who see themselves as potential voiceover artists because they say they can do funny voices or are good at copying the voices of famous people or characters. 

The other thing people say is that they feel that they can do dozens of accents. But can they actually sustain that for a complete session without veering from Welsh to Indian? Or from one part of Scotland to another?   

I can "do" the odd line in Welsh or Bristolian or impersonate Frank Spencer, but it doesn't mean that I can sustain that for an hour's session.  

The days of Voiceover Artists being asked to do mimicry and accents are pretty much over. Due to the lower costs these days of using voice artists all around the world (via IP alternatives to expensive ISDN, such as Source Connect or ipDTL, clients tend to want the real thing.

Unless budgets really are extremely tight, if they want an Australian, Argentinian or American voiceover artist, they will choose native talent.  

The only place for all these character voices these days are in games and animations.And that is even harder to get into than voiceovers for corporate/web videos.