Thursday 25 May 2017

How should I behave on a Business phone call?

We love to talk here at Big Fish Media (you might have noticed) and what we love more than recording voiceovers is talking to our clients. We happily pick up the phone and call them mostly just to hear their voice and to say hello.

However in the past few months we have noticed a trend. Many places we call seem to have lost the art of telephone conversation. Now us fish were schooled (fish joke) and drilled by parents, school and first jobs into how to answer the telephone, conduct a conversation and then how to end the call. I still remember having a class about this at school. We had to role play and ensure we knew how to talk to the other person.

These days we feel that the art of a business telephone conversation seems to be disappearing. We have often been greeted by a gruff “What?” “Hello?,” “Who are you?” We are proud to be Big Fish Media so why are some clients reticent to say who they are!?

Talking is one thing but listening is just as important. It is like a tennis match where you all know and understand that the ball is volleyed from one side of the court to the other. As we are all expert callers here, we are sad that many people flounder when we talk to them.

Key dos and don’ts
·        Do greet your client warmly and professionally naming your company, giving your name and offer to help
·        Do smile – that can make a huge difference to the mood and image of the company – this is the first port of call!
·        Do speak clearly and enunciate words
·        Do ask for the caller’s name and details and information – remember to repeat it back and get them to confirm the details
·        Don’t eat/chew/drink while on the call (crisps are a favourite snack we hear)
·        Don’t heavy breathe into the phone
·        Don’t carry on a conversation with a colleague while answering a call (Yes we heard all about the boss’s holiday – thanks for sharing!)
·        Don’t answer the phone while driving, busy, in a meeting or otherwise engaged.

Here is our business call example:
  1. Answer warmly – “Good Morning/afternoon this is Amy at Big Fish Media – how can I help?
  2. Listen to client attentively and Ask for clarification or give information clearly
  3. Ensure the client has understood everything and repeat back any details as needed
  4. Finish the call with a departing greeting ““Thanks very much, we will be in touch as agreed, many thanks, bye”

The purpose of the opening and closing parts to the business call are important so the other person knows that the call has come to an end. Leaving someone hanging is impolite. 

Here at Big Fish Media we have many voiceovers that are reassuring and can give your company that professional greeting. 

If you are in need of a clear and confident professional voiceover on hold phone greeting then – just drop us a line. We love to talk!