Monday 19 June 2017

How do I keep cool in my Voiceover booth?

Another day of the Great UK Heat wave 2017. The Big Fish Team has been working away making sure we deliver professional voiceovers to our many clients. However in this heat that we are experiencing we have some advice for them and everyone recording in such temperatures.

1.      Keep hydrated
Our voiceover talent keep hydrated by drinking over 2 litres of water on a normal day. Now in this heat wave when we are hitting over 31 degrees Celsius drink much more water. Heat stroke and headaches may occur through lack of water. The booth can get hot and sticky so take regular breaks and ventilate the booth well.

2.      Keep cool
Use ice packs on the back of the neck and on the wrists to keep you cool. Or take a tepid to cool shower. Wear comfortable clothes to record that will keep you cool in the booth. Layering will be the answer for changes in temperature during reads.

3.      Keep your cool
Yes, we know it’s hot, we know its sticky, we know its sweaty but try and keep calm and cool as a cucumber while in the booth. Take a deep breath, get another ice pack and we’ll take it from the top.

4.      Keep the equipment cool
Yes the desk, the kit, the mic and computer fans can over heat even more quickly in this heat. Keep them cool by using a fan, closing curtains so the sun doesn’t heat up the booth or studio room.

5.      Protect yourself outside
Even when out and about, protect yourself. Sun cream, covering up with a top and hat and sunglasses will protect you from the sun. And if driving, cover the steering wheel or seat so you avoid burning your hands.

And when the day is over, treat yourself to some ice lollies, ice creams or a nice Long Island Tea with plenty of ice and listen to our voiceovers to keep you cool, calm and collected.