Friday 15 December 2017

What is a Voice Adder?

Another year has flashed by and many voices and voiceover projects have come through our doors here at Big Fish Media HQ. We have laughed, cried and cheered throughout many sessions. We take a look back at some of 2017’s most interesting and illuminating voiceover moments. 

1.    A perfect 30 seconds! – This accolade belongs to a number of fine wonderful conversational voiceovers who nail it every time. To be able to reach the pinnacle in voiceover is to be able to speed up or slow down and make it sound effortless and within time and did I mention conversational?! All our voiceover artists hit their time marks and do so easily and consistently.

2.    “Just taking the fish for a walk” – our jolly voiceover companion at all times is our dear friend Fishy Wishy who not only looks down at us while we work and provides us with a daily tongue twister but likes to pop out and about every so often for some fine photos – or should that be fin photos?

3.    “Can you just jiggle that cable?” – A phrase our studio engineers have become well versed in. Our wonderful sound engineers are skilled in the wonderful art of audio with impeccable hearing to sound out any mouth sounds, breaths and even an odd squeak. However should anything go down with the desk, the ISDN, the Ipdtl or skype they are pretty handy in the electronic department and nothing a good jiggle can’t sort out. The aquarium is indebted to them.

4.    Voice Adders? – When talking to one of our video production clients we were interrupted by someone who asked if we provided voice adders. Well our voices can shed their characters like a snake sheds their skin but this was perhaps a little too far. However as our wonderful voiceover talents who have years of training including acting and voice training them maybe we should be Big Adder Media.

5.    Going wild? – For a lot of our video productions we always ask wild or to picture. Syncing or voicing to picture to an already final video or animation means a lot more work as everything needs to be checked and re-checked and then checked again to make sure it fits. Voicing wild means that the voice can speak at whatever pace the client wants and then the video is cut to fit them. With our wonderful wild voiceovers you know that it will fit.

This year the Big Fish Media aquarium of voices provided clients with voices. Many thanks to all our voiceovers and clients – see you all in the New Year!