Tuesday 24 April 2018

What Do Voice Agents Do?

Voice Agents are often the gateway to booking some very lucrative voiceover work.

We pride ourselves on looking after our school of voices, and ensuring they get a fair deal on voiceover jobs - especially usage.

Agents are the intermediary and many clients prefer dealing with an agency as it takes the stresses and strains away when you have an agent that is experienced and knows what to do.

The UK Market has a number of agencies and no agent should ask up front for any fees from a voice. It's illegal for a start.

We don’t – all we ask is that you be great.

Day to day in a voiceover agency

Agents spend most of the day on the phone, talking to clients, working out which voices would work for the client, and checking availability of voices for a particular job, such as a video production or commercial. We are lucky - and at times our voices don’t even need to audition or send in demo reels.

Their reels do all the talking for them and they are booked from that immediately for the corporate and commercial work that we do.

The agents negotiate the rate and contract, book the session, and ensure the script is available in a timely manner. We also work hard at putting the client and voice at ease when the voiceover recording session comes around.

Then after the work is done, ensuring the edit gets to the client and the invoices are sent and paid! When we get paid, then the voice gets paid.

Seeking representation?

We are always looking for new voices and we have a few shoals in our oceans of voices we are always looking to fill. We have a finely crafted admission process and, if you would like us to represent you, then please follow the instructions.

We take voices that have worked before and are experienced. For those that have a home studio, we are looking for a technical ability and sound set up as well. We will test you and your studio out and we have a high quality threshold so only the best fishes

How to keep us happy?

Our most successful voices are consummate professionals, giving the client what they want and much more. They are friendly and can carp on about what they are doing. They take direction, they are conversational and they know how to be patient. So remember, look after your Voiceover Agents, and they'll look after you!