Tuesday 21 August 2018

How do I become a Voiceover Artist?

Simples – its simply speaking isn’t it? Actually it is as simple and as complicated as that. Our 2000 + voiceovers are skilled in all manners of speaking and in many languages as well.

But how did they become voiceover actors and be on our books? Yes speaking and speaking with confidence is part of it but we have a list of skills you need if you want to be a voiceover artist. These are essential in our field of work.

Sight Read – learning to read copy that you are given at the last minute and to read it fluently and conversationally is a real skill. Practice this daily, read social media posts, news headlines, newspaper stories out loud every day.

Listen - Taking direction is a huge part of being a voiceover talent. Accepting and understanding that the voice is part of the creative process is crucial. By listening, pausing to interpret the direction and then speaking is a true mark of a voiceover professional. 

Understand your voice - Where do you fit in the voice world? Know thyself and your path will be clear to discuss what your voice can and can't do with producers and casting directors. 

Patience - Be very patient, adverts, IVRs, audiobooks, video animations etc  need a voice. One day it will be yours. Also in a session things can take time, software and cables are involved and many directors as well so having a place where you can practice patience is important.

Be Nice - People work with people and they work with people they can go down to the pub with at the end of a session. So please be sweet and nice, you'll probably be back for a repeat session. 

All our voiceovers at Big Fish Media are chosen to join the big ocean of voices. Each has talent, experience, professionalism, a great voice and are great people.