Thursday 20 September 2018

How do I improve my Voiceover skills?

Being a professional voiceover artist is a talent, gift and a skilled profession. We are proud to represent and work with highly skilled and talented voice over actors on a daily basis. Many have trained through an acting or presenting background while others have worked in radio for decades. However the main thing is that all of our voices love what they do and enjoy working.

Some of our voices have been on our books for years and are solid bookers, working daily. Others are new and fresh to the voice over industry. Many are in between. What they all have in common is that they take voice work very seriously and many train or retrain year after year. What are the best options to improve your voice skills?

The main skills necessary for being a professional voice over artist include;

  1. Sight reading – reading copy and understanding the context is key and with scripts changing up to and including in a session, sight reading is a really valuable skill to have. Practice, practice and practice.
  2. Vocal exercise – like any other job that requires physicality ensure your muscles are in good working order. Train and understand and appreciate your working voice box and how to warm up, work and cool down. Become a guru of voice exercise.
  3. Listen – yes while talking is the job, actually a fair part of it if not more is listening. Do you listen and hear your own voice and what it can do? Do you listen and understand and then act on what the director says? If not, then get working on this. Listening and opening your eyes and ears and not just your mouth will really help your vocal skills.
All our voiceovers are used to understanding context and working on upskilling themselves every day. Please get in touch.