Wednesday 17 April 2019

How do Voiceovers deal with Audition Anxiety?

As a voiceover artist auditions are part and parcel of this freelance life. However auditions can be a nerve-wracking process. It can seem like you submit hundreds of auditions, and never get a role! This may be true, but it’s more likely to be appear to be worse than it actually is. This is what we call “Audition Anxiety”, and we have some techniques to get through it.

1- Confidence

Auditions are similar to job interviews. You are trying to convince someone (agency or even the end client) that you are the best fit and voice for the role. Being confident brings conviction, which adds psychological weight to your performance. The confidence shows you are also used to the process and are a professional. In short; you’re actually more likely to get a role when feeling confident than you would if you approached the audition with NO confidence.

2 - Prepare

“Fail to prepare – prepare to fail”. To give yourself the best chance of getting a role, it pays to be on top form. Vocal exercises and techniques will help keep your voice in good condition, and getting familiar with the script will help your understanding, and help you perform it. Think about the script and the context and nuances behind it. What is the point of it? Additionally, you’ll get the additional psychological benefit of FEELING prepared from doing these exercises too.

3 – Persistence

Auditions are an inevitable part of being an actor, particularly if you’re just starting out. So, it’s more than likely you’ll be one of several people auditioning for a particularly role. You can’t win them all. But don’t lose faith. Remember the old adage, “throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick”.

We can ask our voiceovers to submit demos and auditions free of charge once you have let us know your criteria. Please get in touch to hear our voices for your next project.