Tuesday 25 September 2018

How do Voiceover Artists look after their voices?

Ah once again it is that time of year again. Back to school, the summer holidays a memory and it might almost be time to turn up the heating thermostat. We are busy preparing the decks for the autumn business and ensuring that our voiceovers are in tip top condition.

With over 2000 voices on our books and the approaching cooler weather here in the UK we felt a run down of how to look after your voice would be a good plan. In summer, the heat and light is a rather welcome blessing after the cooler spring months. However now as we head into autumn, what should you do to ensure your voice stays in tip top condition?

1. Drink warm but not hot drinks - warm/tepid/lukewarm drinks such as lemon and ginger tea, throat coat

2. Vocal exercises - ensure you keep exercising your vocal cords and mouth with articulation exercises

3. Layers - many studios will be cool to start a session but as you are in a small room exhaling hot air while narrating then its likely to get warm to toasty. So scarves, layers, jumpers, shirts etc are your firm friends.

Keep well ahead of the autumn and when you want to book our warmed up voiceovers then please get in touch.