Tuesday 13 August 2019

How do Voiceover Artists train?

It is easy, all you need to do is read out loud and boom! In the can right? Well no. If only our world of voiceover recording were that easy. There is much more to it than that and we take time, a lot of time to reel in voices that will work for you and work well. It is a never ending process and we pride ourselves on making sure our voices are experienced, personable and great at voicing.

The process is long and with good reason. We listen to each reel, meet and greet voices online or in person and record the voice so we can see how they handle direction as well as being in the recording studio.

From our vast ocean of voices we have actors, performers, radio presenters, singers and voices that have a unique quality to them. Each has a place in our portfolio and each brings experience and abilities that make them unique and able to help you when you need a voice for your audio production. We have asked many of them where they learnt their trade and these are the top answers.

1. Acting Background: Many of our voices are actors and many still focus on film, TV or theatre. These voices are great for when you need character work and can bring a variety of intentions easily to each read.
2. Performance Background: Whether it be dance or song, these voices are great at delivering solid reads and if you need singers then we have those for those all important jingles.
3. Radio Background: We have a rich heritage in radio and we have many voices that have worked at national and regional level. They can handle pretty much anything because they've seen it all before.
4. Presenters: These voices have lived their vocal lives in front of audiences or the camera and are great voices that connect quickly to target audiences.

As we meet as many of the voices as we can then we make sure we know their strengths so we can always give you the best voices for your productions. Call us today to book your voiceover artist.