Tuesday 6 August 2019

What are the latest Voiceover trends this year?

It is finally summer which means that all the BigFish Media recording engineers sit down to have a natter (well of course we do) about what trends in voiceovers we have seen so far this year. As we record hours of audio from our voices over the year we clearly see patterns of what clients want. This summer is not exception and as we enjoy the heat we drew up a list of what we have heard this year.

1. The youth chatter - this is a style that many of our clients have been asking for lately. It is used to target millennials and talk to them as if their friends were talking to them about cold brew, vegan options (we very much agree with not eating Fishy or his friends) and their favourite new payment apps. We have heard clients suggest to voices that they use a "if you like" intention. As if the voice is a friend but when they deliver the lines the intention is very much "well if you want to, I'm OK either way". This makes for a genuine authentically zeitgeist read with little or no heavy emphasis on anything, not even the brand name, product or service.

2. The genuine article - this is a favoured style of read by our clients. This is when the voice is your friend and is advising you like a friendly voice mother or father about getting a new car, insurance, holiday. They aren't selling it to you, just letting you know about it because they thought about you when they heard about this product. So its a warm fuzzy hug of a read. A genuine voice that cares about you for you.

3. Farewell RP, hello neutral - our clients love to take our British voices and just rub their accents a little so it is less RP and much more accent less or neutral. This is an especially good read when the product is for an international market and they don't want to sound American or British but something more less distinguishable. At times it does mean we have actually used Scandinavian voices as they are hard to pin down to a place aurally.

And there we have it, after considering, articulating and drinking much tea this is what we have heard most in our trend updates. What will the next few months bring for voiceover artists? We can't wait to hear.