Monday 27 January 2020

How does a Voiceover Artist get a Voiceover Agent?

90% of voiceover talent say they have an outstanding demo.

Research the standards for demos in the genres you plan to create them in. Use top quality national copy that is customized for your voice. Do not self direct; rely on the expert skills of a trained coach. Do not self produce. Hire a skilled producer who is known for their work on voice-over demos.

84% of the voiceover talent said they have a great coaches and instructors.

Having had the right teachers speaks to your ability beyond the highly produced demo. Each coach should have a clear area of expertise. One coach may not be all you need. Many talent find that training with a variety of coaches helps them to fast track their goal of landing a big agent.

75% of voiceover talent said have a great referral.

It’s important to have friends. Other voiceover talent are not only a wealth of hints and advice but they may be your golden ticket to a high powered agent. 

But choose wisely; a referral needs to be someone the voiceover agent works with and respects.

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