Wednesday 12 February 2020

How do Voiceover Artists unwind?

Being a Voiceover Artist is the greatest job in the world (ok, ok we are all totally biased). And we could do this day in and day out and night and weekends as well. But actually, steady on. As much as we love to voice, record the voices, edit and direct our huge aquarium of voices we actually also love to sleep, eat, chill, love, watch films, read books, listen to podcasts and a whole lot more.

Despite loving our voices and voiceovers with a passion we also realise that we need to take a step back and have a break. Here at BigFish Media each of us and our voices have different ways to relax and recharge. It is really important to take a break. It is a great way to get out of your head – which is all the more important if you are a character voice actor where you play different roles and emotional states.

Some of the activities we do to relax and change our perspectives are archery, trampolining, going to the cinema, making music, going to the theatre, going for long walks in the woods, dancing, reading, writing, shoe shopping and sometimes having long naps with the dog. And these are all fantastically wonderful hobbies to have and practice. The reason we all need a break and/or a hobby is to have a break and a change. The change in perspective is great for then coming back to work as you can fresh new insight and experiences that will benefit your work.

What sort of hobbies do you have? We love chilling out and it helps us to better producers, directors, engineers and voiceover artists. When we watch films, we take in new worlds and how the film was made that can help directing. When we play music, it helps us with timing and musicality. When we dance, it helps us with breath work. And well when we have a snooze with our pup it really helps us totally unwind so we can wake up all bright eyed and scaly tailed.

Voiceovers are our passion but we also ensure that it doesn’t become a stressor in our lives. We work hard to ensure voices don’t get stressed either. We ask for scripts and copy to be sent in at least 24 hours before hand and we try and ensure the voice knows what the clients want so they can deliver their needs. Come and listen to our Voiceovers, all sustainably sourced and chilled.