Thursday 16 April 2015

What is a Voice of God?

From time to time we get asked to provide a "Voice of God" voiceover for events or award ceremonies. In fact we had an enquiry for a live VOG just this week for a new BBC1 TV show with Michael MacIntyre.

We have now created a page especially for our experienced Voice of God artists - including International Voices.

So what is a Voice of God? Well for a start I am afraid that it's normally a male voice. He normally has an RP or neutral accent to ensure clarity in a noisy environment. And, to ensure the event has gravitas, he's a male voice over 30.

Sometimes - to keep costs down - the VOG will be recorded - much like the voiceovers on "Strictly Come Dancing".

But mostly these are live corporate award ceremonies where large companies reward their staff with a night out, a stand up comedian and then lots of awards.

The Voice of God will try to keep control of the audience - ensuring the other speakers can hear what is going on. But most importantly he will introduce the finalists and tell the audience a bit about each winner.

Much like that bloke off the National Lottery (Alan Dedicoat) who is always heard clearly. But never seen!

Oh and - despite the name - there is nothing religious about the experience or demands on the voiceover.

Unless the winners scream "Oh My God, I've won an award...."